About Us

We are providing quality Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Special Education, Psychological services and Pediatric Physiotherapy services by experienced therapist under supervision of well known Occupational Therapist Dr Arpan Kumar, who has more than 18 years of experience in handling the children with various difficulties. He is a certified HWT expert in Handwriting from USA. He has passion to work with children with different abilities.

Why Choose OT4KIDS

 Highly Experienced Professionals
 Specialized Hands on Treatment Approaches
 State of the Art Facility
 Immediate Appointments
 Convenient Location
 Custom made, Effective Treatment Plans
 Relaxing, neat and clean Environment
 Complimentary Assessment Session


  • To nurture & engage kids with special needs to experience learning success and attain maximum potential
  • To empower parents, families and society to educate, advocate and effectively manage person with differently abled


  • In the years to come, we envision that ot4kids will provide creative solutions in the area of training children with special needs, facilitating parents to manage at large and management of challenging behaviors at home.
  • we will also educate society to understand, accept and champion the cause of people with special needs and provide long term customizable solutions the changing task of life long run