Parenting Tips

1) Mothers – please give your child a glass of water after returning from school every day and ask him how his day was. (Even if his clothes are soiled, treat nicely).

2) Fathers – please fix an appointment with child and talk to him or let him talk to you every day for at least 10 mins. (This improves speech and the ability to recollect things).

3) Parents – never argue, shout or fight with each other in front of the child.(He will learn that fighting is the best solution to solve a problem).

4) Provide a healthy and compulsory breakfast in the morning itself. (Don’t make it brunch please).

5) Educate your child regarding “good and bad touch”. Make him/her feel free to reveal if something goes wrong with him/her.

6) Don’t let your maid change clothes or give a bath to a school going child. (Maintain privacy always).

7) Ask your child to stand in front of a mirror and hold his tie and say “I am the best” everyday. (This improves self-confidence).

8) Children reciprocate what you give them – say   “good “, they will be “very good “. If you say “very good” he/she will be excellent.

9) Don’t consider your child a stage performer to perform in front of guests. (They will be shy and get guest phobia).

10) Never talk bad about your child’s teacher (s) or school in front of them. (This will create a bad attitude towards the teachers/school).

11) Ask the opinion and suggestions of your child while taking decisions whenever possible. (This improves self-esteem).

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