It is widely recognized fact that, movement is important to the learning process. Brain Gym provides simple, fun and effective movements for children, to help them in school, with the many areas of learning. Brain Gym is the study and application of natural movement experiences to facilitate learning.

It focuses on the performance of specific physical activities that activate brain for optimal storage and retrieval of information. It is a process for re-educating the mind/ body systems, for accomplishing any skill or function with greater ease and efficiency.

According to various research studies, learning skills depend upon an innate understanding of our bodies and how they move in space. Children only repeat those movements that are comfortable or familiar.

Our brain has two halves. Proper communication should flow from one centre to another to ensure efficient functioning. We need to access both sides of the brain to function effectively. Brain Gym exercises help children to connect and integrate all the brain qualities and capacities.

Regular Brain Gym exercise can improve whole brain function with enhancement of:

  • Academic Skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Memory, concentration and focus
  • Physical co-ordination and balance
  • Communication skills and language development

After undergoing the brain gym exercise children show:

  • An increase in focus and attentiveness. 
  • Improved psychomotor skills and contra lateral movements.
  • Spontaneous integration of the brain gym movements into daily activities.
  • Improved near point focus and coordination.
  • An enhanced use of vocabulary.
  • Improved drawing and writing skills.
  • Better standing posture and balance.

For Brain Gym classes please contact:

Dr Arpan Kumar, Sr Occupational therapist

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