Myths and Facts about Autism

1. MYTH: Children with autistic spectrum disorders can’t learn the fundamentals of relating, communicating and thinking, so the best you can do is try to teach them to change their behaviours. FACT: Many children with autistic spectrum disorders can learn the fundamentals of relating, communicating and thinking. This requires hard work with a comprehensive treatment approach that focuses …

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Hand writing

Handwriting is a necessary functional task for school aged children and the primary way to express thoughts, ideas and knowledge. Handwriting is a very complex skill that encompasses visual motor coordination, higher- level cognitive processes, perceptual abilities, tactile and kinesthetic sensitivity, motor planning, spatial organization, temporal control and the integration of written language. Children who …

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Parenting Tips

1) Mothers – please give your child a glass of water after returning from school every day and ask him how his day was. (Even if his clothes are soiled, treat nicely). 2) Fathers – please fix an appointment with child and talk to him or let him talk to you every day for at …

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