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Please for OT just choose this centre. I am sharing my experience My son has join this centre for OT in October and by November in 1 month he has shown good result from his school also there is a positive response Thanks to Dr Arpan and Astha Mam they have are doing tremendous work on my kid. I must say every where OT is there but the main thing is that they work according to kid mood and response and that’s the best part whatever appen is in front of your eyes. Very good working every one is doing I hope my son will come out with flying colors.​

Deepika Sharma


Simply the best centre for Occupational Therapy in Delhi. The expertise that Dr. Arpan Kumar brings with his vast experience and knowledge is clearly visible in his approach and his method of engagement with the children. The friendly demeanor of Dr. Arpan Kumar and his team of therapists, their outstanding skill sets, meticulously designed programs and high level of involvement with the children, are some of the remarkable positives that are unique to this centre.
Kudos to the entire team of OT4KIDS for creating the much needed impact in the lives of little children and shaping their future.

Abhinaw Shrivastava


Hi Dr arpan Kumar and his team is highly professional and very caring towards our special needs kids..they are catering to the needs very well!!..god bless you!!

Shikha Nagpal


This centre is blessing in disguise for kids & parents in search of improvements. The entire team is very much dedicated,honest & sincere in their efforts. You will surely see mark improvement in your child . The centre is not money minded at all & treat the kids with care and love.Special thanks to Abhishek sir for guiding my child on speech delay . Doctor Arpan your honesty & sincerity towards each child is what makes you & your centre remarkable ;keep growing & bringing sunshine in every child’s life.

Asmita Singh


I visited OT4KIDS first time on May 2018. I found it really nice…Arpan sir and whole staff under him are well trained. They give personal touch to every child and they they make all extra efforts for the child welfare.

Today I feel great and happy as my child’s speaking and chewing problem has been sorted…I never imagined that this process would ever end. All thanks to Arpan sir and his team: Suruchi Mam and Shuvakar sir. My son is showing signs of improvements in other areas too. They are not just treating a child but also helping families in overcoming big emotional and physical challenges. It’s for a good cause and I wish OT4KIDS team all the very best for their future.

You have given us millions of smiles, trust me many more million smiles are waiting….
Thanks and all the best

Ekansh Singh


Dr. Arpan’s team has done a great job with my child. I have seen a great deal of improvement in her. The therapists are professional and understands the need of the child.

Aatika Hannan


Thanks to the OT4KIDS team, all the Dr’s r very friendly,helping nature n very professional….we r in India only for a month for my son Therapy,i can see lots of improvement in this short period of time…god bless u guys

lily leiphrakpam


OT4KIDS immensely evidences knowledge of contemporary issues faced by children. Dr.Arpan Kumar and his team treat each case as exclusive and special. The therapy rolled out to each kid is relative and tailored as per needs. There staff is patient and does not yield for money, rather focusses in betterment of the kids as per needs. I highly recommend OT4KIDS . Best wishes to the team!

Dharma Surya


Doctor Arpan has helped in coping up with my child’s developmental delays in the most friendly caring and at the same time professional manner. He is the best when comes to his work .. i can say this because his dedication remains the same in every session and he genuinely works for his clients..
He has expertise in his domain and i would highly suggest him as i myself m very satisfied with his service!

Shweta Kashyap


Thank you very much for the care & guidance given by you and your staff in improving the concentration span & reducing hyperactivity in my son.
Our special thanks to special educator Ms.Lata who helped our son in laying a healthy academic foundation.
There is tremendous improvement in our child and definitely recommend Dr.Arpan and his team’s services.
Once again, thank you very much 😊🙏

Hymavathi D Surya


Dr Arpan and his team are really good and professional in what they do. We came from abroad to India for holidays with our almost 3 years old son for holidays. We decided to also take sessions for our son alongside from doctor. In less than 1 month time and only with few sessions my son’s speech and behaviour improved. He became independent and confident in what he does now. Big thanks to doctor Arpan and his team once again.

Roh A


We r really very thankful to Dr. Arpan n his team for their efforts n great help of giving a healthy life to our angel. Thanks to him our child have good achievements n improvements in a lot of things, like being attentive , calm , more friendly n good eye contact. Hope n believe that she’ll do better n better with d help of Doctor n his team. Thanx a lot n keep it up!!!

Vusala Ahmadova


Visited this place just based on Google reviews and Arpan Sir guided us well. We spent an year almost and our little girl is free of toe walking, w sitting now and does a lot of gripping activities. Thank you Arpan Sir and Rani for helping Mehr with her issues.

Sonia Bindlish


Dr. Arpan and his team is very good. Works quite hard on child’s need. And the BEST PART is they are NOT MONEY MINDED people. Thanks!!

Puja MK


Very caring, patient and professional environment and therapist. No words to thank you.

Shashi Maheshwari


Really a vey nice therapy centre, My son enjoy a lot during therapy, playfull environment and skilled therapist gives my son motivation. Thank you dr arpan and team for helping us.

Lokesh Diwakar


Having a great experience there, the doctors team is very hard working and result oriented. My son is taking occupational therapy and speech therapy there and I must say will recover soon…Dr. Arpan you are doing a good job with Dr. Timsy, Dr. Kapil and all your team. Wish you all, All the best.

Suman Kaushik


I went there for the occupational and speech therapy sessions for my 3 yr old nephew who has mild autism (ASD) and till now I’m totally satisfied with the services provided by this multi-specialty therapy centre. We are already seeing improvements in him and hope this will continue. Dr. Arpan and his whole team is very qualified, efficient and friendly at the same time. My nephew is pretty comfortable with them and he enjoys learning new things from them. We’ve been to Vimhans Hospital (Nehru Nagar, New Delhi) too but these guys are much better than the therapist at Vimhans. I would strongly recommend Health Factor multi-specialty therapy centre to others.

Nick Sharma


OT4KIDS is passionate in its belief that “No child with special needs should be deprived of the opportunity to excel and no parents needs to watch on helplessly.”

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